What to Study, Projects to Complete to get Frontend Certification?

Hello all,
I want to know what to study and complete to get frontend certification,
in the new curriculum, it gives you 6 certifications and doesn’t indicate after what project you will have your frontend cert.
my goal is to reach Frontend Cert first, get a job and move to Backend Cert
Thanks In Advance

Im not sure after what project you achieve the Front End Cert but my advice would be to turn your focus to completing the challenges and making a daily and regular habit of coding everyday. Of course the things that stand out are Bootstrap, JS , and node JS . I think if give special attention to your progress rather than the end game you will be better prepared for that Cert. Good luck.

The things listed as “Projects” are required for the corresponding certificates. You can also go to your settings page to see each certificate listed with the projects that are required for them.