Which certification should I get next?

Hi guys, I need some advice on what to do know. I’ve finished the “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification” and then the “Responsive Web Design” aswell. I want to get into learning backend asap. Would you recomend leaving the “Front End Libraries Certification” for the end, and keep going with the other ones? Or is it useful/required to have that knowledge before heading to backend’s certifications?

the curriculum is designed to be done in order, that shouldn’t stop you from jumping around if that’s what you want to do


Why not both?

After getting your feet wet with HTML/CSS/JS you technically have the “core” knowledge available from the front-end.

The front-end libraries cert goes into using common libraries/frameworks used on the front-end to help with development. The “big dog” being learning React, which is used heavily in the industry.

However, if you don’t like the front-end this means you might enjoy getting into the back-end with node.js and mongoose in the API’s and Microservice cert. This means you’d essentially be “jumping” past 2 certs (the front-end libraries and the Data Visualization cert) however those mainly build on front-end knowledge.

The back-end relies primarily on base JavaScript knowledge, which you should have mostly covered from the JS algo and data structures part.

Its more up to you, your welcome to jump around to get a feel of what your learning. You can always double back or review previous stuff too!

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As @ieahleen has stated I will also suggest sticking to the curriculum.
It will help you to move stepwise instead of diverting here and there.
Moreover, it is now up to you, where your interest lies.

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