Question about back-end

Hello everyone.
I want to become back-end dev. So, What Curriculum i should done.
Sorry because my English is not good. Thank all

Go head and take the backend curriculum here at FCC.

You can start from Apis And Microservices Certification (300 hours)

So. What about Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours) and Data Visualization Certification (300 hours). Thank you

and i don’t done Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours). It is bad for next lesion. Because i don’t want to code back end first. I just learn to know what is html and css. Thank you and hope for your answer

Going thru all of the FCC certs in “order” will pretty much make you a full stack developer (front-end + backend) I recommend focusing on the: Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification, and the Apis And Microservices Certification.

These focus on learning javascript which is critical to being a good back-end developer.
I wouldn’t worry to much about learning front-end technologies if you don’t plan on doing it day today. (html + css) It’s fine to learn on the side, but I wouldn’t focus on it.

You need algorithms and data structure, APIs and Microservice, security and quality assurance on FCC.

Most likely to be job ready, you need to find other sources other than FCC, learn your SQL and relational databases, learn your unix commands, learn about messaging, increasingly important cloud services like AWS/Azure/Google App Engine, and DevOps related technology like Docker and Jenkins. Learn a lot about system design and software architecture.

Truth be told in term of job availability, I don’t think JavaScript has the most market share for backend developers, companies tend to list full-stack if their backend is javascript and also the bigger and more established companies with a lot of jobs tend to rely on Java and C# backends or more or less language agnostic because backends are built as distributed systems.

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wow thank you. But how about Data Visualization Certification (300 hours)

If you want to backend developer then started getting certification in Data Structure, Java Script and FCC