Which FCC certifications to consume for Backend Development?


Which FCC certifications (in order) should an aspiring backend developer consume and study? I’m lost, please help.

Thank you!

Hi there and welcome to the forum!

It depends on how much you know already.
Do already have a good foundation in HTML, CSS and Javascript?
If so, then you could start with the Backend Development and APIs Certification.
Then follow it up with the next course (Quality Assurance).
There is also the Relational Databases Certification, which teaches you about bash scripting and psql.

Thank you!

If I’m starting from scratch (no foundation in HTML, CSS and Javascript), what should certifications should I take first?

In that case, I’d recommend starting right at the top with Responsive Web Design.

You will only be able to learn the backend stuff once you understand the frontend and have a solid foundation in Javascript.

The curriculum is extremely well-designed and should be followed from top to bottom, for best results.

We are more than happy to help at any point if you get stuck!

Got it, thank you! Will check everything out!