How to get into Backend?

Hello I am new here
I am a bit new to web dev I found about this website 7 months ago finished the basic Html and CSS before I got addicted to video game and getting lazy

anyway, my question here is Which certifications are considered as Backend since I am not the best at designing and can I dive straight into backend or do I need to finish some frontend courses before I do?

Hi Khaled,

A simple google search gave me this result:

Hope it helps

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If you’re asking which certifications on the FCC curriculum are backend-specific, I’d be looking at the Api and Microservices Certification, as that’s the Node server. But as a pre-requisite for that, you really do need some javascript.

Other on-line courses also offer other languages, for example The Odin Project is HTML/CSS/JS and Ruby. So it’s all about a little digging, and finding out where you’re comfortable.

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