What shall I learn next

Hey everyone,

So I have been coding for about 5 months now and I am really enjoying it, I would say I am comfortable with HTML and vanilla javaScript and have made some javaScript applications I am happy with. Although I also understand CSS I really dislike the design aspect creating projects and tend to find I spend so much time on CSS portion of the project so it can look good. So about a month ago I learnt SASS as I thought it will make CSS much simpler for and although I now find using SCSS better than CSS in terms of structuring my code I still run in to the same design issues and overall I just don’t find it as satisfying as writing code for javaScript (although I still run into various issues), solving problems and seeing applications come to life. So I have decided to learn a CSS framework in order to have elements such as buttons and cards ready made to use however after doing research I am still unsure as to which framework is worth the time I will invest, Bootstrap 4, 5 and Materialize are the two i’m leaning toward but i’m open to suggestion.

Sorry for the long winded question any help or recommendations would be highly appreciated


As I always say in these types of questions, I would recommend just pushing through the FCC curriculum. When you get done you have a basic understanding of a MERN stack. That is a marketable skill. And at that point you’ll have a better understanding of the whole system from which to decide what to do next.


Ive completed Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure Certification and have purchased Udemy courses on these topics so do you recommend I learn Bootstrap then Jquery like in the curriculum because I want to purchase a new course on Udemy as I’ve found this to be the best way for me to learn . In respect to MERN stack Ive decided to learn react which I expect to take a long time so I wanted my CSS to get better before I begin to focus it

There are many different paths to learning and I’m sure the Udemy courses are good. I think it is important to keep moving forward and it’s important to have a path that leaves you with a marketable stack. If you want to spend some time honing your CSS and algorithms/data structures, there is value in that. But I also think it’s really good to get that fullstack understanding. Just don’t get too bogged down in side quests. You could also probably do both at the same time.


Thank you for all the advise

To put it another way, don’t get bogged down in “perfection”. That is an impossible goal, and especially at this point in your learning, that can stunt your development. Accept that you will have to move on to a new topic before you’ve mastered every aspect of the last one.