How much time should I spend on learning CSS and HTML?

Hey guys, writing my first post here since I feel a bit lost.

I have finished all tutorials for HTML and CSS on FreeCodeCamp, did the projects to get the certificate and on top of that I bought one HTML and CSS course on Udemy and one Advanced CSS course.

However, I feel nowhere near of fully understanding CSS. Even though I calculated that I already have spent approximately 70 hours learning CSS and HTML (I don’t know if it’s enough). So my question is, how much more time should I spend on it? And when it is a good time to jump to JavaScript?

Also, when it’s time to move to JavaScript, should you be learning CSS and JavaScript at the same time, so I wouldn’t forget what I learned? Or should I just focus on JavaScript?

IMHO, you cannot “learn” it all, i mean not ALL the functions there are. SO the key is practicing, building as much a s you can to get adequate with the current language. I do understand you because I am at the same place like you are…

Eventually it comes to a point where the only way to keep effectively learning is through experience. Once you get through the initial JavaScript section, you’ll go back to building web projects again. You’ll need the JavaScript, to make the page interactive, and CSS+HTML to make it look and behave correctly. As you work on styling projects, you’ll have to do research on how to solve particular problems.