How long did it take you to get your FCC certs?

Helo guys, i’m just newbie here…

anyway i want to ask all of you about the estimation time (real Time) about learning FreecodeCamp until get certification.

I just want to make a goal and standart about it. Also




Only 100 people have completed it in the 2 or so years its been going on. It seems that it takes most people 1-2 years. The front-end section can be done in about 1-2 months if you have past experience and are very active. I completed 95% of the front-end in 2 1/2 months with a couple hours every week, but I have never finished it because I have been working on the back-end actually.

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Still busy with the Front End, but the time it will take you depends on your current skill, how easy you can learn new things etc.[quote=“BagusOpendex, post:1, topic:55322”]

I was quite proud of my Calculator, but it has way too many bugs that I still have to fix.


looked up my profile and i says i joined july 5th … so what have i done lol … im all over the place i get distracted by something and i take a tangent and look at that and then i try to get back on track so to date i have nothing officially done
i have a basic website done but not submitted as i still like to jazz it up … but it can be seen here … what i like about it is responsive and adjust to either laptop sizes or mobile and gets a solid rating from
i have reached the Advanced Algorithm scripting challenges and have two of them done … so going ok there
i have the code done for the weather app but no style for the page yet … have the code done for the wiki search but again no style for the page … (coming up with design for pages is killing me lol) and at the moment decided to look at the calculator project and for that i looked at the image of the sample calc and designed it to look like that so i could just focus on the code which is the part im interested in and i have 90% of that working … all i have to do is code the CE button … and for overflow of bottom line (have overflow for top line sorted) so its looking likely that the first project i submit will be the calculator lol.

saying that … previous to FCC i had some javascript knowledge (not much) as i learned some on Khan academy … but this really helped plus i also knew basic html and css which again was a help
I am dying to get to backend as i really think i will like that area more than front end but i dont want to rush … i want to get as much out of front end as i can before i get to back end.

so while doing all of the above im also looking at different videos on javascript to gain more knowledge of the language … especially things like closures, callbacks, binding, modular javascript …
being looking at node js and using the command prompt and learning a bit about npm
Oh ye and reading forum post for further learning links … this has given me a lot of stuff to look at especially posts by P1xt …
As for the certification and time length … this is not a factor to me … only thing i think about is learning whats on the path and any thing else i feel i need and hopefully in another year i will be able to get a job from what i know … if not will work on what i havent covered thats required


If you work at least 6 hrs a day everyday, you’ll be done in no time.


The fastest ever completion of all 3 certificates is probably by Svetlana, who accomplished that in just 3 weeks. (Mind you, she was already a professional web developer.)

My best project is the one we did for the 1to1 Movement, but I do take perverse pride having implemented the calculator in just 6 lines of JavaScript


Well, the beautiful thing about FCC is that it’s designed to be completely self-paced, depending on each camper and how much time they have to dedicate. So it’s really hard to come up with a true “standard”. For folks who have no job and are learning specifically with getting a dev job in mind - they could be spending 6-8 hrs a day, and yes, could be done and working a new job in no time. For folks like myself, it could take considerably longer. I have a full-time (non-coding) job, but I still try to spend about 4hrs/day. That said, it varies depending on what I have going on and the actual average time I spend per day coding is probably a little less than that.

But to give you an exact answer instead of beating around the bush - I joined FCC in May 2016 (end of April) and finished my Front End cert in early October. So roughly 6 months (I had zero previous programming experience).

It was a challenge, but well worth the reward. How far along are you?

As far as my best app created at FCC, hard to say since so many of the projects were so fun, but if I had to pick, I guess I would say this Tic-Tac-Toe app!


I only started learning to code about four years ago, so I still remember being a confused beginner pretty well. Keeping that in mind, and remembering the enthusiasm I tackled learning to code with, I think it would be possible to finish the front-end certificate in 3 - 6 months.

That’s the way to do it, too. Jump in with both feet and go conquer.

Now that being said, it took me over a year to complete the front-end cert (actually, I still haven’t claimed it, but I’ve finished all the projects minus the personal page.)

There were reasons it took me longer. I already had a fair amount of experience by the time I started so there wasn’t much pressure to do the projects for the sake of learning. I also have a coding group that takes up a lot of my time, and coding projects as work. If instead of measuring the number of days its taken me to go through it I were to measure the number of hours, it would probably be less than four months of four hour per day sessions.


Hey your calculator, that’s impressive work.

It looks great on my phone and I didn’t notice a bug yet.

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I started FCC last year and have not made great progress in terms of time through the curriculum. I am a master procrastinator and my own worst enemy unfortunately.


@BenGitter - wow - nice work on the calc! And I thought I went above and beyond on mine by adding a pos/neg toggle button (which was a lot harder than it sounds)! Yours is on something else entirely. Haven’t gotten to play with it seriously yet, but if there are bugs like you said, it will be pretty awesome when they’re all worked out to have created something that does so much!

I was quite proud of mine as well, that one was def a doozy!

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I started 1 October 2015.

I got my Front End Certificate on 1 April 2016. = 6 months to the day for the FE Cert.

I’ve been all over the place since then. Fighting with React, abandoning React, fighting with all the Release Candidates of Angular 2, redoing the two apps I did in React in A2, finishing the third Data Viz project in A2, now I’ve skipped to the Back End challenges and am just getting started with Node.

My goal was to have Data Viz done by the end of the year, but I don’t think I’ll make that at this point.

My new goal will be to have the entire self-guided portion of the curriculum finished by 1 October 2017 and start prepping for non-profit projects then. So finishing it all in 2 years, though we shall see how the new curriculum affects that goal when it is released.

I also need to revisit all of my projects and refactor them using knowledge I’ve gained since they were completed or redo them entirely from scratch depending on how they look. Most likely, it is the latter in most cases.


You are my soul-brother.


I finished the Front end cert in 41 days, but I’m not especially proud of the finished products.

I learned a lot, but I don’t feel finished with Front End, yet. Certainly, if I were going to apply for jobs right now, I’d put a lot more work into them before I considered them fit for potential employers to view :slight_smile:


It’s my 4th day on this camp, and I’m course 145.
The more you effort, the better you’ll be. :slight_smile:


@BenGitter Please please share what other “external material” you are studying"?

Not that much. I have done the JS course on codecademy. And for the most part just starting a project and then Google everything you need to know.


i search tutorial on Youtube . i find DevTips Channel, you can go there coz there somany thing that can you learn from that place

@JohnL3 yeah, i think our knowledge is depend on how we get external material from google

@george-stepanek george, how i know who the people that finish this FCC? i mean you actually amazing for knowing something like that :smiley:

@EddieCornelious i must Note this One, Thanks Eddie :smiley: , actually i just do it about 3 or 4 hours a day.

@P1xt yeah, thanks for the Quote myBro, :smiley: i must note it too

@no-stack-dub-sack i just about 2 month and go for portofolio challenge. but i have no confidence so i search for external tutorial and theory on Youtube. and i found something amazing… you can search it too… SASS and Jade. that’s amazing. :smiley:

@MARKJ78 me too, try habitica app, thats good for you :smiley:

@matty22 i think that way too. reDoing porject is good to make a deeper understanding and find another point of view

I haven’t completed Front end but I have already started on React and Node as these interest me more.
I am also constantly tweaking my older projects.
You can check people’s progress by adding their username in the URL instead of yours.


I went ahead and combined your posts for you. Please use the edit button instead of multi-posting next time. Thank you.

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