How can you complete all front end and data virtualisation project in a day

this guys profile says he did them all on 1 july 16 and he also claimed the certificates?Is it Scam or what

Seems to me there were some problems with the academic dishonesty. However, it is possible to submit everything on one day, since you can preview the projects before hand, you could do them all in advance… or somethin o.O dont know how the dates work tho.

As far as bonfires go, you can do them in a day very easily if you have programming experience from before

This is exactly what I’ve done. I believe all of my front end projects show the same completion date, and I still haven’t turned in a single back-end API or React project, even though they’ve been complete for months. It’s also possible that they had another account before which they can no longer access and have just added projects they submitted previously. Then again, maybe this person is a coding monster who’s able to churn out projects like flapjacks. There are folks who have copypasted other campers’ projects in order to get a quick cert, but the fCC team was able to revoke those in a great purge some months ago.

I did the bonfires in a few hours, because I had experience with algorithms. So it’s possible to do those in less than a day. The projects, not so much.

I think he’s just copied the example code for the projects and pasted it. Look at his Wikipedia code, he hasn’t even bothered to activate Jade and hes using the same Angular code

Honestly I don’t see the point of doing this, its not as if the FCC certificate matters much, and the real value is in the projects itself.

FCC isn’t a scam, but afaik the projects aren’t evaluated till (I presume) it’s time to work on the NGO projects. The point is to give you a self paced course and hands on experience with current frameworks and tools so you’re ready for the job market. If you copy the code or do just enough to pass the user stories, I’m pretty sure a decent interviewer will be able to know what you did.

So don’t worry about people like this, and keep coding not for the certificate, but the experience and making a portfolio with actual working code that YOU wrote.


I went to check the profile you mention. He started in September 2015 and finished Jul 01, 2016 … without even checking what he did or didn’t you are taking conclusions before looking at the Projects, Algorithms and Challenges written dates? despite being on the same page? lol!

You should be more careful before taking conclusions on people you don’t even know, I guess.
I’ve started in June, took vacations in September (all of it) and will probably finish the Front End this month (worst case next month). But I am also a professional developer for 15 years, none the less I am learning a lot.
What I find really great it is not the certificate but the opportunity to fill my Portfolio with my own projects and the pleasure I get developing them (especially because most of the work is js!)

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Well, my professional experience tells me that if he manages to get a job, and with any certification it isn’t that easy, I’ll bet it won’t last long.
He just wasted a good opportunity to learn and practice, he won’t go far with the cert’s and his attitude.
Practice can also show you very fast and clearly if someone knows the minimum requirements about what is written in a resume (or CV)
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