So I got my first job as a front-end web developer

It has been 6 month since i first got into web development (without any previous knowledge). Earlier today I’ve been on my first interview and a few hours later I’ve been told i was successful and got the position :relaxed:

I want to say a very big thank you(!) to FCC and its supportive community :blush:
personally, i do think that FCC has its own flaws but out of all the other websites out there, FCC was the one that push me to my limits.

and here is a piece of advice i would like to share with you;

  1. whenever you trying to solve a challenge, don’t do it just for the sake of doing it and move on (like so many does). Do it the best you possibly can! Don’t try to customize your answer to the system test, but make sure it will pass any other test as well.
    and that goes double for the zeppelins which should be very well design, responsive and bug free.

  2. if you got yourself an interview then even if you dont feel like you’ve got much to offer, still, stay confident in yourself, show that your passionate about what you doing and that you want and capable of learning.

3. On the interview, avoid answering with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. so when been asked something like “tell me about your self / strengths” dont just name a list of stuff but also go to as much details as possible and provide some examples. that of course true for any question you might face.

for me its just the beginning. i really hope i wont let anyone down (myself included) and i’ll be able to go thought it all and keep progressing. thank you an good luck.

edit 2:

i’ve shared some of my experience so far with the new job down below.


Thank you so much for sharing!! I haven’t previous knowledge and at times it can be discouraging as so many others mention some sort of experience to build upon. Out of curiosity, how many hours per week did it take you and what other resources did you find worth your time to expand your understanding of the material?


No problem buddy.
after my first month into learning code, i’ve decided to burn the ships and go for it. So i quit my job and ate through my savings in order to study full time from home.
I’d like to think that i put in at least 8 hour a day to max of maybe 15. but really its very difficult to say since the reality is that I went and still going though times where i’m really struggling to stay focus and sometime motivated. i keep checking facebook, emails, watching my shows in order to “relax” and the worse thing of all…9gag! omg this shit can get you out of the game for good, so be careful.

Other good resources will be codecademy and coodSchool for intruding new subject. So for example, when i start with Js i did both simultaneously and then went to FCC to put my new skill to a test (and oh boy that was a test).

for CSS, teamtreehouse is very (very) good.
but really you can always find a good enough and sometimes even better alternative for free (e.g youtube )

hope its answer your questions.


actually it does. thank you very much. and congratulations on the job! :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! Wishing you luck on your journey…


Congratulations on your new job, @TinyRick88. Thank you for sharing your advice.

Also, you have the distinction of being the first camper to post a “got a developer job” success story.

I’ve created the “I Got a Developer Job” category and moved your post to it.

Hundreds of campers like you have gotten jobs since FCC started 18 months ago, and I think this will be an excellent place for us to collect these stories.

Good luck with your new job, and be sure to come back here and update us when time permits. :slight_smile:


Hey @TinyRick88 congrats on achieving your goal of getting a coding job! :clap:Its motivating to know that it can be done! One question though…How far did you go with the curriculum before deciding to start applying for jobs?


i stopped at - Advanced Algorithm Scripting - Exact Change.

the reason i stopped there is because that at the moment im happy with my Js problem solving lvl/skill
and since those challenges getting much more complected, they also much more time consuming and i figure that for me to get to the “next lvl” is not to know how to solve more problems , but to focus on:

  1. how to write more clean and modular code.
  2. learning how to work with frameworks like React or Angular.
  3. refresh my memory about stuff like advanced SCSS and CSS animation.

Hi Quincy, thanks man. I literally owe you one :wink:
and i’ll diffidently come back! i still have a long way to go with FCC.


Interesting, thanks! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Congrats mate


Great job! You give many of us hope and aspiration to keep at it even if we cant see the light at the end of the tunnel.


That is great news. Well done and all the best :smile:

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Very good, man! I’m so much glad to read that today! Persistence and hard work do it all!


Congratulations @TinyRick88 on the new job. With an attitude like yours I bet it’s just the first of many great days to come.


That’s amazing and super inspiring! I’m putting in long days, too. I’m fortunate that I have an incredible amount of time, so I can really blaze through everything.

Good luck and keep us posted!


What were the qualifications in the job posting?
What was the interview like?



Thank you for sharing. Motivates me, and I’m sure others, to keep coding.
I hope others share their stories as well.


Woot woot! Congratulations!


I actually like treehouse a lot too. I started with them, and they gave me a great foundation. Then, I learned about FCC and found all the practice I needed. Congrats on the job! You’ve reached the other side.