So I got my first job as a front-end web developer

Congratulations! Do you know how many applied for that job & what are your day to day responsibilities for the job you just got hired for?


Congratulations on your new job @TinyRick88 :blush:

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Congrats @TinyRick88!

Quick question, how well do you know the frameworks like React, Angular etc? I guess what skills do you have generally? I feel my skills are at a decent enough level now to start applying for jobs but would be good to compare myself to someone who has just got a job.


p.s: Do you have a portfolio I could look at to get an idea of where I need to be?



Thank you for patiently answering all of our questions @TinyRick88! I have heard that one of the major differences that separates various bootcampers is college education. Do you have a degree and if so, in what field? Is there any other demographic information you might be willing to share?

Thanks again!

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Congratulations!!! I have my first interview for a front end developer and am excited but scared at the same time. What was the interview process like for you? Were you asked to complete algorithms or any other skills based test? Would love to hear your experience so I know what to expect :slight_smile:


Wow, congrats!! And let me say you,
I develop my skill here and let me chase you!

Big thanks to share.

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Yes! That is great and keep up the good work!

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Congratulations dude and good luck with your new job! I would love to hear updates from you.

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Oh, I also stopped at the advanced algorithm (though I completed all the front-end projects), I think the last I did was telephone number, and moved on. Learned some Sass and React (which isn’t too easy). Yes, I too, want to learn smarter and cleaner coding which personally more satisfying and other frameworks than just more and more complex algorithms. You might want to join me in learning (or partly refreshing) from two free quality resources and You don’t know JS. :slight_smile:

Congrats on being hired. Good luck to having happy working relationships with everyone!


Oh wow! I didnt expect so many replays XD. I just got back from my (hiking) holiday today so i’ll start answer your question now

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nothing too fancy:

Essential skills:

• The ideal candidate will be passionate about the web and associated technologies and keen to learn and


• At least one year experience in web development.

• Strong knowledge of core web technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

• Ability to use AJAX techniques to send and receive data from RESTful web services.

• Experience building responsive web pages, and understanding of a responsive CSS framework such as


• Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues (mix of mobile, desktop and embedded systems).

• You must be able to use your own initiative and stay up to speed with current industry trends.

Desirable skills:

• Familiarity with node.js and npm.

• Experience working with client side MVC frameworks such as Angular.js or Google Polymer.

• Experience using a version control system such as GIT.

• Knowledge of CSS per-processors such as Sass.

• Knowledge of build automation tools such as Grunt.

• Web graphics/animation skills such as CSS animations, canvas, request Animation Frame and SVG.

• UX / UI design experience.

Interview Stage: Candidates will be expected to show examples of their work, and be encouraged to talk briefly

on the technologies used in their pages.

I dont have any previous experience, i dont really know any JS framework and I only have a basic understanding of CSS animation and tiny bit of canvas.

The interview itself was pretty great. I actually enjoyed myself. I was interviewed by the CEO of the company and one of their senior developers. To start with, they introduce me to the company history and products. since I made sure to do my homework, I already knew all about the history of the company, the products and the guys who owns it. So i ended up almost completing their sentences and showing a lot of Interest. So the whole instructing took like 30min and on top of that I also prepared a list of questions about the company and to role for the end of the interview but I was encouraged asking those questions earlier than i expected so by now its been almost 50 min of just friendly conversation which helped me build a great rapport with whom interviewed me.

later I’ve been asked a few basic question like:

  • how did I got into programming/ developing ?
  • where have I learned to code?
  • what sort of work environment am I using?
  • if I need to use animation, will I choose to use JS or CSS and why?
  • and some question about AJAX

unfortunately I can’t really remember the rest of the technical question I’ve been asked but there weren’t too many and most of them felt like they testing general stuff to see if I’ve got the potential and a good basics of someone they can turn to gold and not just a clay.

I also been asked to present and explain some of my projects (thanks again FCC ).

overall, during the whole interview, I didnt felt like they trying to fail or trick me and that too gave me confidence.I knew that almost every other candidate will have more knowledge and experience than i have so I made sure to show that I’m not only passionate about the company and its products but also very much passionate about coding ,learning and progressing myself.

After all, this is a junior rule we are talking about here so I think for most employs, its more important to have someone they getting along with and can shape into something great than someone who knows a few more tricks but come with baggage of just socially awkward.


Hello @tinyrick88 Do you reside in a western country, such as America or Europe? Do you have a Bachelor degree? How old are you? I know you have gotten tons of replies and almost 2k views at this point…but I think my questions are relevant for most of us. Thanks!


Congrats @TinyRick88! Great advice.

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Sorry, but I purposefully didn’t checked how many people applied as I was nervous enough without that information :sweat: .
I think most of my job will include using AJAX and shaping the info coming back from the server into beautiful things :slight_smile:

I know just a little bit of React but they asking for Angular which i dont know at all.

Well, I’ve unsuccessfully completed 12 years of formal education (somewhere on the worst top 10 students) so i’ve got that… oh and also at the moment I’m living in the UK with my wife but I myself are not yet a fully fledged citizen and I speak fluent broken English.

edit: I’m 27 and originally I’m from Israel but I moved to the UK 3 yes ago.
I tend not to share this piece of information since many people dont even know the first thing about Israel or even worse, they think they know because they “saw on the news”.


Thanks for sharing all this great information with us! I appreciate the insights on your interview process and it gives me a better idea of what one could be like. Best of luck to your new found position!


Congratulations on getting the job. Did you mention your lack of experience when you contacted the company or did it come up later?

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I was very honest and clear about my knowledge and experience when i first applied for this job.


Great story, and motivational too.


Thanks for the replay. I am currently looking for a job myself and information you’re sharing are very helpful. Thank you for that too. :slight_smile:

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