Another success story: Got my first developer job

So it happened, while there are still 5 projects to finish the back-end certificate, I got my first frontend developer job and I’ve just finished my second week in the new place. A lot to learn in the first period, because I’ll mostly use xml, xsl(t), but with the basics I have gained I could successfully pass the interviews. Thank you FCC!


Awesome! Congratulations!

Can you tell us more about your coding journey up to this point? What was the interview process like? What will you be doing at your new job?

IamFlok, For how long had you been learning programming before you got the job?

That’s awesome to know… congratulations @IamFlok

Thank you all!

It took some time to get to this point, I was always interested in coding as a hobby, so I read a few beginners book in the past about python, c++, even php and javascript. I also had some very superficial knowledge of web development, because I’ve made some hobby websites in drupal and wordpress. Which basically mean I was watching “build from scratch” videos on youtube and followed the instructions and tried to modify the settings to fit my needs.

When I’ve decided that I want a career in programming, I was already working in the software development industry as a manager, so I had an understanding on agile methods, scrum, sprints etc. According to my experience, knowing those methods (even if you didn’t actually work in them) is very important for the employers.

While still working full-time, I’ve mainly focused on software development and watched some online courses about c++ and java. It was probably a year ago when my focus shifted to web development. It took me months to run through the main technologies so at least have an “idea” about their field of use. I started FCC in May 2017, by that time I was already familiar with the HTML basics, but then I’ve realized how far I was when I started the API challenges. While working on the challenges, I think the main skill FCC enhanced is the ability to use the internet sources to find the right solutions for your problems.

My progress really boosted up when I had to quit my full time job in July 2017. I had now time to study web development full time, 8-12 hours a day in hope for reaching an entry level soon enough (before I run out of money). I had a startup project where I’ve decided to build the website for the business using MEAN stack, it was a great study project, I got familiar with the MVC. It all builds up slowly.

I mostly enjoy backend programming, so while doing my projects on FCC I started to apply for jobs, which was a great way to recognize how marketable my knowledge is, a way to receive feedback of the progress. For back-end: definitely not yet marketable. This is why I’ve decided to measure up if I am good enough to apply at least for some sitebuilding jobs (not designer), so I kept applying to both front and backend. Finally a company decided that my logic and current skills are good enough to start.

The interview involved a 90 minutes online test about HTML, CSS and XHTML/XML/XSL - which I am learning now. I had 3 days to complete the test, so I had 2 days to read through all w3schools tutorials (did that twice) and did the practices. When I passed the test, I had to do a sitebuild in 2 hours from a psd design. I had to learn how to “psd to website” before this phase. When I did that, it took me 3 hours to build the site, but eventually I also passed the test, so I had two personal interviews where I had to convince the senior programmer that I really have the required logic and the tech lead that I am a guy who is willing to learn and want to become an expert.

I tried to show the potential I have, the personal skills I have, and the right mindset. They really liked that I am self-taught, because this mean I have a skill to keep up with the technology evolution.

I will be (I am) a sitebuilder and frontend dev, they call it the product’s enginner. So the company has own products where I have to implement and setup the costumer requirements. I’ll mainly use XML and XSL language, and the first few sprints are all about my training. It’s extremely exciting.

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I noticed from your FCC portfolio that you didn’t do any of the data visualization projects. Was that a conscious strategy on your part? I have thought of doing something similar. Postponing doing the game of life and dungeon crawler challenges in order to do some backend challenges.

Yes, for my startup project I had to advance with backend techniques. Data visualization would come after backend for me.

Ok, I was as I said thinking of something similar. Build a couple of the simpler NodeJS projects to be able to say that I have familiarity with NodeJS on an application.