I got my first Front End job

I just wanted to give some encouragement to everyone still looking for work. I just recently accepted a job offer! I started FCC about 10 months ago while I was doing my undergraduate in a field I didn’t really want to do but was already too far in to quit. The first 6 months I started FCC, I was coding at least 6 hours a day. I burned through many of the certifications. At one point, FCC complete changed the curriculum. For me it was a momentum killer. It took my about a month to really get back into coding again. Once I did I managed to complete the first 3 certifications and started to build my own projects. I would recommend anyone, if they are in college, to join a coding club and work on projects with a team. This is what I did and I believe is what set me apart from other self taught candidates. If you aren’t at a college then try helping open source projects or joining a local meetup. I hope this encourages those still looking look for a job to not give up. I had several nights I thought I would never hear even get a response from an employer but I didn’t stop applying and learning. Thanks to everyone on here that helped me and FCC for the knowledge!


Show your portfolio please. Where are you currently located? and what strategies did you use to get hired? I