UK - Got my first Job as Front End Dev

Hello everyone

Just thought I would post here, not to gloat but give my experience in getting my first job as a front end developer. I consider myself extremely lucky though.

Firstly how did I get the job? I sent my CV around, using every single job site I could find, and I polished my portfolio website. I applied for mid level, senior level and junior level developer roles. About 50% emailed me back and said my skill set was OK but they needed commercial experience. The other 50% asked me along for a interview discussing what my role would be and have a informal discussion on the job and whats required. I did NOT do a single technical interview. Apparently my portfolio and the project I have done on FCC was enough to convince one of them that I was good for the job. By Friday they called me and offered me the job.

The interview was a lot about myself. Why I am interested in web dev now? Why a career change? What resources did you use? Are you really self taught? I will say being self taught speaks a lot about drive, passion and determination and I think its highly likely the reason I got the job.

How far was I in the FCC map?

Just finished advanced JavaScript Algo’s. Decided to polish up my portfolio using the projects I have done so far and take some stabs in the dark! It worked!! Its junior level front end, which is ideal for me, I have expressed interest in going full stack eventually and getting to grips with frameworks with a bit more and already have put me on a development program.

Please don’t wait forever, junior level roles are considered, least in the UK, entry level roles. Remember that!

Thank you FCC and Quincy! Helped me a bunch, I will continue using FCC because there is MUCH more to learn!


Well done. In Ireland myself and working on the intermediate algoithms myself. Any chance of a look at your portfolio? Thinking of relocating to the UK if I have to myself.

Good to hear :slight_smile:

I too am from the UK, and it seems that a lot of larger companies don’t consider junior positions entry level. I cant get my head round the places that are advertising for a junior dev, 18k a year and want experience in React, Angular, Vue and everything else under the sun :joy:

I typically avoid those places and go for the smaller companies and like you said, more often than not they are just happy if you are keen and motivated and have the basic set of skills.

Where abouts are you located if you don’t mind me asking?

Sure thing


Birmingham :slight_smile:

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Can i ask you how many jobs you applied for? You say you 50% asked you along for an interview and the other 50% emailed you back?

I’m lucky to even get a reply and have had 2 phone and one face to face (incuding a 2 hour technical assessment) interviews out of over 40 applications and I’m a lot further along than you are. Must have had another 40 agencies contact me and they always say the same ‘I’m looking for someone with commercial experience, I will contact you if any junior positions come in’ - not a single one has.

Congratulations, good luck on your new job.

Sure no problem.

I applied for maybe 15 maybe 20 tops. Some of the interviews were phones interviews, some were popping down to the office. I also had agencies contact me, tended to ignore them to be honest.

You might be further than me but does your resume and portfolio show that? I also used the phrase entry level rather than junior, because that is what I was looking for, a ENTRY level role into the field.

I think to be honest I just nailed the interview with the current job. Sold myself, gave examples of how I am determined and enthusiastic I am and relayed my end term goals. Explained how examples in my portfolio is using the exact things they are asking for etc.

Did not have a technical test, they did say they would give me one to take home, but I later had a call saying the interview was so positive that they offered me a job.

Good luck in your search. PS Just finished my JS Calc locally set up just to brush up:slight_smile:


I hope it does. If you don’t mind take a look at my portfolio and Github and let me know. My portfolio has a selection, mostly my own projects. Github has everything.

I know what you are saying about ‘Entry Level’ but I’ve yet to see that on a job description, it’s always Junior. I have seen junior jobs asking for 2 years of experience so it’s a broad term, granted. I do say on my resume that I am looking for my first position.

Anyway, congratulations on the job. I know that If I get some interviews I will be able to put across my enthusiasm and personality like you have, it’s just getting them that seems to be the problem…

I’m from the UK (Crawley) myself, and you’ve inspired me to start applying soon. Thanks. :slight_smile:

And congratulations on your job! I’m sure you will do great.

Great stuff Jamie and well done… I’m in a similar position to you… did A levels in ICT… but then worked in a supermarket etc… and then rediscovered coding about a year ago… been working through the challenges and am at the js algorithm section… however have only applied for 1 web dev job a few months back and didn’t get it due to not having SQL skills…

Anyhow… I’ve not spied for any other jobs as don’t feel ready… as like others have said… lots of junior positions advertised in UK ask for all sorts and it’s difficult to even work a career plan out e.g. do you learn WordPress… or .net or python or react … angular … node etc etc… anyhow I’m inspired by you to start just applying… doesn’t matter if I don’t get a job… just start getting experience of interviews and see where it leads…

I live in Leicestershire, East Mids… and would also love a entry position where a company will see my enthusiasm and dedication as a self learner and take the chance on me… as no way can I go to uni and do a computer science degree due to lack if funds! Plus how do companies expect juniors to get commercial experience!?

I think my next steps are to also find some sort of meet up group and start to get more social

Anyway… Hope things are working out for you