Got my first front end developer interview today - wish me luck!

I’m excited and terrified (mostly terrified) to announce I have my first ever interview for a front end developer job today. Skills required are HTML, CSS and javascript. I’ve been totally upfront and honest with them from the start, that I’m self taught through FCC, I’m still learning and expect to still be learning in a years time and they still invited me for interview.

I have no idea the type of questions to expect but I’ll report back and let you all know :slight_smile:


you got this


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Thanks guys - they actually phoned me a couple of hours ago and it’s been postponed to tomorrow :frowning: On the one hand, more time to do some last minute code cramming, on the other hand another day as a nervous wreck lol.

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You can study up on your interviewing skills:

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Yessss, good luck! And yes, please do report back and let us know what sort of questions they asked. Many people here would find that very useful!

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Good luck in your interview.

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Thank you all! Just wanted to update - the interview itself went great however I was set a task to do afterwards that involved taking a PSD file, slicing it, coding all of the HTML, the CSS and the js. This wouldn’t have been so bad were it not for the fact that I had a 2 day time limit on it and a very busy weekend so unfortunately didn’t get it done, or get the job. The js included coding 2 very complex image sliders from scratch, as well as making the whole thing responsive without using a framework.

I managed to get all of the slicing done, the HTML written and about 1/2 of the CSS and didn’t even get the chance to start the js. I showed the task I’d been set to a senior full stack developer that I know and he said that he would have struggled to get all that done in 2 days so I don’t feel too bad about it. Plus I’ve since heard about the company I was interviewing at that they aren’t a great place to work and treat their employees like crap. So I think I may have had a lucky escape.


Thank you for sharing your story!

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Sorry to hear you didn’t get the job. You’ll get 'em next time! On the other hand, maybe you dodged a bullet if they treat their employees badly (which wouldn’t surprised me based on how they treat their interviewees).

I haven’t interviewed (for any type of job) in a very long time but when I hear about companies sending candidates home with a full weekend’s worth of work, I can’t help but think that that is a big sign it’s a company I probably wouldn’t want to work for anyway. My way of thinking for that is that they’ve already seen my portfolio. They know what I can do from looking at that. I shouldn’t have to ruin my entire weekend just for them so come the same conclusion. Plus, I also can’t help but think that they are just getting me to do grunt work for them. LOL. An interview is 90% about getting to know who the person is. If they want to ask me a few questions and test me on my on-the-spot knowledge, that’s fine. But giving me homework for two days?

I don’t know how common this type of “interview” is in the industry, but I have a feeling that if I were asked to do something like that, I might just tell them to stick it and walk out. That might extend my job search somewhat. Haha.


4 months later what is the update do you have a job today?