I got a job as a web dev last week

So i got my first Frontend Developer Job…
I finished freecodecamps front-end series April last year and i have been sending out cvs and also going for few interviews… I also did few personal projects and all front-end projects on freecodecamp.
i built sites for friends and family at my spare time. Last week i got an email for an interview invite with this big media firm…their stack includes ( React, Graphql, Python, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap). i went for the interview which happens to be the most easiest interview of all i have attended… i was asked only two questions by the CTO. ( 1 ). Tell me about your self ( 2 ). Give me reasons why i shouldnt hire you.
i answered it,… the same day they asked to see samples of my code, i sent it through github. That same day i got the offer…
The next day i was asked to resume .

i wanna thank QUINCY @QuincyLarson for this learning opportunity.


I am really happy for you and you really did a great job all the way.
Keep up this practice of learning, shine brighter and be happier! :slight_smile:


Great job okeharlyon. How long did it take you to get that far from the moment you started with FCC? Did you start fresh?

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Congratulations! Seriously. :full_moon_with_face:


I started fresh … i was initially an IT Support Technician.

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Thats awesome!!! I cant wait to one day be able to make a similar announcement. Any words of advise for us??

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Keep learning and build stuffs as you go on

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Awesome man! Congrats!

What city (or country) are you in?

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Congrats on that. Thank you for sharing your story. Such an encouragement.
Have a great start! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I wish you all the luck in the world.

Would you care to elaborate on number 2? Did you say “there’s no reason not to hire me”, or “you shouldn’t hire me for these reasons, but” or just give reasons or what?


Congrats on your first front-end dev position! Just out of curiosity, how’d you answer the “Give me reasons why i shouldn’t hire you” question?

congrats! I hope it will work out well…

Congrulations. I hope one day it work out for me as well.

Yeah I thought that was a very odd question.

Awesome! Congratulations!

It sounds like they were really liked your code samples and projects.

Good luck getting acclimated to your new job, and learning as much as possible during these first few months as a front-end dev!


i am based in South Africa

Thank You Quincy for the opportunity

Congratz I am just beginning my journey of getting my life together.

Congratulations, I would recommend Udemy courses to assist in filling any gaps you may find you have when you start working.

Have a blessed career and life.