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Hi, I am a civil engineering graduate from India. However, I always had a liking towards the software sector coz of all the cool stuff that’s happening. I want to be a part of it.

I have started off with fCC courses. Completed Responsive Web Design and now pursuing Javascript and Data Structures.

Do you think I would be able to land a job when I complete the courses ?

Also, what else should I learn or do to get one ?

I would be really happy to get suggestions.

i don’t know much about web development, but from what i’ve read about landing jobs after teaching yourself to code i’d say that the most important things to remember are to do and present personal coding projects to possible employers. even if you don’t have a degree, if you show them what you can do and that you have a good understanding of different web development concepts, that’s a good way to get a foot in the door. also make sure you have your resume and all of that set up. it may also help to take a look at commonly-asked interview questions and rehearse your answers to them. i hope this helps. i wish you the best of luck!

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Do you think I would be able to land a job when I complete the courses ?

Immediately after completing? Maybe, possibly not. After completing it and spending some more time learning, building things, networking with other developers, getting good at interviewing? Sure, that gets into the “probably” territory. If you’re the kind of person that works hard, doesn’t give up, even if it takes a few years, then I would say very probably.

Also, what else should I learn or do to get one ?

The most important things are what you know and what you’ve built. That’s what attracts their attention. Focus on those. Learn and build. And when you get bored with that, you can change it up and build and learn.

At the risk of some shameless self-promotion, I once wrote a doc with my thoughts on getting the (very difficult to get) first job.

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Yes, it was helpful. Thank you for the info. I’ll keep that in mind. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
I read your post and found it very useful. In fact, there I could even find answers I to questions that were going on in my mind.

Could you tell me what else I need to learn apart from the contents available in the course ?
I have heard about many other stuff like AI, ML, SQL, etc. To be honest I’m pretty unsure of the path I want to take. Is there any way to know in which one I would fit in better ?

Of course, that makes it hard to answer.

My approach was to focus on web dev (where I think it is easier to get a job without a CS degree) and to try to build a MERN stack. FCC teaches a MERN stack, so after that I just worked on techs to help me with that. I just started to build things. I had a project that needed i18n so I learned how to do that. I was curious about mobile apps and I new React (from FCC) so I taught myself React Native. I just kept building more complex projects and let that tell me what I had to learn.

Don’t worry about finding the perfect path. Just learn.

The only other thing is I might tell someone to get used to using git and github. Being familiar with agile would be good, too. When your ready, working on a team on some project (even just your buddies or open source) would be good. But there will be a lot of things that you will just have to learn on the job.

But right now, you goal is to learn and build things.

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Thank you ,sir. I must say, this really has put an end to my confusions :sweat_smile:. Your comments are really very motivating.

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