New Here – Any and All Advice Appreciated

Hey everyone.

Started freeCodeCamp a week ago and sailing along…but a bunch of tangential, long-term questions have come up since. Would appreciate any and all answers as well as any other advice you might have for someone new:

  1. How would you go about landing a job from just starting out with freeCodeCamp curriculum? I’m graduating undergrad next May 2019 so preferably I’d be able to work somewhere full-time shortly thereafter. My plan is to go through freeCodeCamp, start building projects/portfolio, and supplement with a bootcamp if I still am a long ways off as graduation nears.

  2. When do companies hire for developers typically? I’m assuming larger places are within a fixed time period while startups are year-round on a need basis. Do front-end and back-end jobs have vastly disparate hiring cycles?

  3. How complementary is design (UI or UX) to front-end developing work? Haven’t given back-end that much thought and prefer subjective creativity over objective data crunching – would love to learn design as well at some point and work that into my front-end career.

I’m thinking about coding even when not coding…so I think that’s a pretty good tell-tale sign this is something important to me.

Thanks all.

I got distracted when you said you were graduating undergrad next May 2019… you didn’t say what your major is so I couldn’t focus till I found out…

Please tell us your location, too, as this can vary specific advice for the job hunting aspect :slight_smile:

To answer point 1, I gave a detailed answer to someone in different circumstances last year. How to get a dev job in 150 days?

That advice was for someone that was on a tighter deadline so the timeframes I outline in that post can be chilled out a fair bit and you can spend longer getting each stage of the process right. Note, references to the beta curriculum can be ignored, since that curriculum has now been implemented fully.

Since you are also at uni, if you are studying something related to a web dev career, find out if internships are a part of your course. If they are not, try to score an internship during your summer break. The experience from a good internship will put you ahead of other grads that didn’t do one.

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Ha – Public Health/premed so quite a career pivot

New York city but will most likely look in all major cities

well that’s interesting. Have you thought of looking for fields that combine both? (your major and software dev)

For eg. there are software dev companies who create software for health professionals…

Much appreciated, Jackson.

The “responsive web design”, “javascript”, and “front end frameworks” sections you mention are referring to the “Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)”, “Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)”, and “Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours)” parts of the curriculum as of now, yeah?

Yes, those are the ones :slight_smile: