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Hello I’m 22years old I learnt a little bit of programming in school but I never finished it. Right now I’m almost at the projects in the ’ Responsive Web Design Certification’.

My question is at which Certification am I able to get a job? I might move to another country where I would like to get a developer job, of course I’m willing to have other jobs at the begining but my end goal is to become a developer.

There is not a fixed answer
It depend on what you can show to the employer, the area, the position you are applying for, you could be able to find a job with just the basic of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (first two certificates), or you may need more - and even FreeCodeCamp itself (full stack skills) may not be enough and you would need to integrate with a computer science course (Harvard CS50 for example which is now on FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel)

Once you have a portfolio to showcase some of your creations you can start applying - but keep improving it and improving your knowledge and skills, and keep improving your job interview skills and keep asking what’s the reason they didn’t take you so you know what you need to improve

Also you may find interesting the #getting-a-developer-job section here in the forum


Thank you for your answer! Of course I would like to improve as much as I can even if I have to do it in my free time after work. I just wanted to know what are the most basic courses that required to ‘get a job’. I want to make sure I finish those before moving.

You can check this topic:

And in the getting a developer job section there are many people that are sharing advices

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Thanks, it was truly appreciated