What kind of job to apply for once I finish the first certificate?

After the second? Third? Fourth? Fifth? Are they in a particular order? It just hit me that I have little to no idea of what kind of job this is designed to help me with. I started this before the update to the curriculum and it seems pretty interesting so I just wanted some more information as to what I can do with these certifications. Even if you only know about one of them I would still like to hear about what they’re specifically for and what kind of jobs I can get with them.


freeCodeCamp lessons teaches you to become a full stack developer. Meaning you can either choose a :

  • frontend developer job if you have skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript (including frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue)
    -backend developer job if you have skills in PHP, Ruby, Python, Databases etc.

The easiest thing to do is to make a list of all your skills and see for which jobs you can apply with them and learn any additional ones that are required as well

The course, in its entirety, is inteded to prepare you for a role as a full stack web developer. The six certificates do not represent six different career qualifications. While there do exist some jobs that require only the skills covered in the first certificate, I wouldn’t consider someone to be prepared for a job at that point.