Enlighten me about FCC

Hello, I’m nahian. For the last 6 months I have been learning web development. Mostly front end with some php and WordPress.

I wanna be a freelance web developer. Opened an account on a freelance marketplace and done 3 jobs with 5 star rating.

Now I wanna learn backend properly.

Please suggest me what to do and how to approach this free code Camp. I have no idea actually how it works.

Fcc will give me projects to do? But who will teach me how to solve them?

And last question, I’m 30 years old. Is it too late to learn programming? Is it too late to learn critical stuffs? I also want to learn digital marketing because that seems little easy to me and for my age that suits me I guess.

So any expert suggestion regarding my questions will be appreciated.


Fcc will give me projects to do? But who will teach me how to solve them?

They give you the projects and some resources to get you started, but everything else is up to you.
I recommend simply doing the back-end projects and take your studies from there.
Also you aren’t too old.


Fcc will give me projects to do? But who will teach me how to solve them?

You will teach yourself how to solve them. At the end of the day fCC is just a guideline, a series of project suggestions. These suggestions are planned out so that you have an approachable learning curve and with honest work you should be able to figure them out on your own (you will be digging through documentation and stackoverflow for this, which is a valuable skill in itself), and each project will be a valuable learning exercise and also something you can realistically complete.

Keep in mind that there are also many alternate study paths (this one is very popular and involves backend: https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/computer-guide-get-job-ready-with-1-fcc-cert-3-projects-2-courses-and-10-books/64027) and it’s all about what you learn and which finished projects you can show to potential employers.

Many people here say 30 years old and more is just fine to get started.


The beauty of Free Code Camp, for me, is that it provides a little structure and projects for learning, but does not, like other sites, have you mimic a set of steps line by line. There are many times I have to go take a mini lesson elsewhere when a topic is entirely new to me, because FCC does not provide in-depth lessons that way. But then I come back and apply those lessons to a project, and that process of discovery teaches me way more than simply following along would.
This way of learning is not for everyone, but if your best motivator is finishing a project with a few concrete goals and lots of room for creativity and choice in your endeavors, this is a great place! Definitely check the forum if you’re getting stuck. You also can, with a few exceptions, jump around in any order, or skip sections that are not relevant to you.


What’s this silly “too late” question that keeps popping up on FCC?
There is something very wrong with this general mentality that you have to be super young to learn new skills. Life expectancy is around 75 years, depending on various factors. You are 30. Subtract your childhood, you have about 12 years of adulthood behind you. That leaves another 45 minimum. Answer your own question: is it too late to learn a new skill 12 years into your 57+ adult years? Unless you are withholding information about your impending demise - I would say NO, it is not too late!
(don’t be offended, this was a pep talk)


Thanks mate. Really appreciated.

Thanks mate. I really liked what you said.

Thanks man. I will start learning soon.

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if u have no idea how to start i advise you to watch this guy and subscribe to him,
The net ninja
he has a node js tutorial and a mongodb tutorial, he is my favorite right now.

i hope this help,
can i ask you a question how did you get 3 jobs on freelance with only six month of learning, that is like my goal someday to do freelance. i would LOVE to hear you answer.


That’s the spirit! Good luck to you!

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I joined fiverr.com. I’m selling my services there under web design.

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What kind of jobs do you get on fiverr? Wordpress stuff?

Photoshop to html conversion, Bootstrap landing pages and yes WordPress stuffs.

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