Questions: easy to update website? Freelancing? FCC curriculum?

Hi everybody,

I started to learn how to code about a year ago. I learned web development here on FCC. I also studied machine learning and I am currently learning blockchain development. Talking about Jack of all trades… :slight_smile: But while I will probably start doing web development, I want to focus on blockchain and DAPPS.
I still have to improve a lot in all these areas but it will come with practice, I am sure.

I am a teacher by trade, Initially, I wanted to relocate and make a career switch in a tech company. But with my second new-born, plans change, so I am contemplating to start part-time freelancing and next year to reduce my teaching hours (depending on my results as a freelancer) to eventually work full-time as a freelancer.

Here are the questions (finally!). If you have to build a website for someone who is not tech-savy, how do you build it? Do you use a CMS like wordpress, drupal, etc? If yes, why don’t we learn SQL and PHP on FCC? Why bother to learn Node (even though this is in demand?)
I am not familiar with wordpress (yet) but how about the front-end? Can I design a custom solution using for example React, code the front-end from scratch and use wordpress as a CMS?

Thank you for your answers.

The short answer to your main question is, yes: If you want to develop a site for a client and then hand over all future content creation to them, you use a CMS.

Why not SQL and PHP on freeCodeCamp? Well, essentially the curriculum is to help you learn enough to be a full stack developer. You can apply that knowledge to other domains within programming, and you can fairly easily transition to other languages and frameworks once you have a really solid understanding of the the big 3: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You can also use React (or Vue, Angular, whatever) with a ‘headless CMS’ which means the CMS does all of the API, backend heavy lifting, and you bolt on the frontend of your choice.

If I were going to make something like this today (I’m not though), I would use a headless CMS and React. I’d prefer the CMS to be JavaScript flavoured, but to be honest I’d have a crack at anything that seemed user friendly, had good docs and a healthy community.

Google ‘headless CMS + frontend framework of your choice’ to see what’s out there

Fair enough! :slight_smile: Thank you for the quick answer!