I'm stuck, need advice!

I’ve been using freecodecamp to learn for a few months now, getting on and completing a few challenges from time to time.

I understand computers very well (have been using and working with them my whole life) and recently felt like it made no sense that I had no knowledge in coding despite my understanding of syntax, software, hardware, etc.

I’ve recently finished the learning phase of freecodecamp (around lesson 235 i believe) where i was transitioned into actually solving problems on my own.

I’ve gone through 3-5 of these problems spending countless hours on them, trying to figure out exactly what it is i needed to do.

So far it’s been horrible, i haven’t been able to solve a single problem on my own, i’ll spend hours without even knowing how to start the code which usually ends up in me copy pasting the solution due to frustration.

The point of this thread is merely to ask the community what step i should take next, do i continue basically achieving nothing but trying to push forward into these problems, hoping that i’ll eventually get it or should I start the whole course from beginning (maybe doing a second run will help me understand/remember better).

If there are alternative solutions anyone knows about that could help me, i’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

What are the nature of your problems specifically?

If it’s challenges like Smallest Common Multiple, it may just be that you need a little more understanding of the math behind the problem to come up with your algorithm.

If the challenges are with implementing projects, you may need to rethink your approach in terms of how you plan and how you attempt to solve the problems in manageable chunks.

If you end up looking at the solution after trying without and with the hints, then instead of copy pasting type the solutions. It may sound ridiculous but it will train your muscle memory and sometimes you just need to retype to understand what you understand :slight_smile: