Learning Process


I’m brand new to coding without any background and I’m wondering if there are any pointers to learn.

I’m a visual learner and I like to understand what I’m learning so is it best to go through each hint and/or video after each exercise in freecodecamp to get a better understanding?

Any other suggestions or resources would be much appreciated.


Rather than reading or watching all the explanations, I really encourage you to get interactive with the code. When you have accomplished the challenge, ask yourself if you think you understand what you just did. Make a change to your code and try to predict what the result will be. If it isn’t what you expected, keep fiddling with it until you can make the changes you want instead of just those required by the challenge.

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Thank you so much @ArielLeslie for that insight. What wonderful advice. I actually had just tried that yesterday with one challenge and I thought I was wasting time by not going on to the next challenge so thank you for suggesting it.

Do you also think this would be the best approach towards being accepted and ready for a bootcamp?

It seems to me to be the best way to really get to know how all the moving parts work together and to begin building the skills you need to accomplish goals that don’t fall neatly into the context of a challenge. It takes you further from a passive student absorbing a lesson and actively engaging with the material.

I’m not saying that you can’t often get good benefit out of videos and extended reading, etc. I just think there is a lot of benefit to breaking something on purpose and then figuring out how to fix it.

That makes complete sense and it goes along with other areas I’ve experienced in life so that’s the approach I’m going to take. Thanks again.