How to get started?

Hey guys. I’m new to all this. I just wanted to get others insight on best practices for learning new information. Do you guys feel that going through the exercises alone are good enough for information retention? Or do you guys take notes along side the exercises? Currently, I’m taking notes on every step (sometimes writing down the entire step in a notebook). I feel that this isn’t feasible in the long term. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your time.

You should do whatever you think works best for you. I’m assuming you’ve had years of previous schooling. Hopefully you’ve been able to figure out what helps you learn.

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Everyone has their own learning strategies so you will probably get a variety of answers here.

But I think a good way to learn programming is to start by going through the freeCodeCamp courses, build the certification projects and then build projects on your own.

Over time, with enough practice and repeat exposure of the information, you will learn how to code.

Thanks for the response. How have you learned this information?

Thanks for the response. Did you find taking notes helpful? Or did you learn more with just the hands on?

I have a background in science so most of my learning was books and notes.

Is learning to code the same? (Textbooks and notes)

I personally didn’t take notes, but some new learners feel like it helps them.

Note taking can help you understand the basic concepts but building projects is where you learn how to code and problem solve. :+1:

Thanks for the info. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. It is helpful information. Sometimes I feel like if I don’t write it down now, I’ll spend too much time later trying to figure out a problem that literally boils down to a misplaced quotation mark or something else simple. lol.

That will sometimes still happen too.

There have been plenty of times where myself or one of my colleagues will stare at a bug wondering why it is not working only to realize we left off something small like a comma :laughing:

In those moments you just laugh it off and keep on moving

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