Should i redo the challenges?

Hey everyone!

Today is my first day at fCC, and it has changed my way of learning in incredible ways (i previously studied python completely by myself, without any tutorial and only with the documentation).

I have done Basic CSS and HTML on my first day, and tomorrow i will continue. But i feel that i’ve forgotten some of the syntax and skills learned during the challenges (which i think it’s completely normal), so i have been thinking of replaying the basic HTML and CSS before continuing, do you fellas think it is a good idea?

I’m very excited, i hope to hear back from you all <:slight_smile:>

you will never memorise everything before actually putting things to use
so I suggest you just keep going, but don’t just do the bare minimum to pass the challenge, look at the whole code, keep checking that you are familiar with everything in the editor, and if you don’t remember (or never met before something) google it - you will find a few websites (like MDN) that have all the documentation on the languages you are using, and you can go there to review things, or even some blogs or articles or stuff - or review the specific challenges on that thing

so when you arrive at the projects you will already have the practice of looking up things if you don’t know/remember how to do them

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dont try to memorize syntax
considering all the languages and APIs youll use, theres just too much
bookmark and organize your documentation for quick reference
get good at looking up things you dont know

“Never memorize something that you can look up.”

― Albert Einstein



Keep moving forward. To some extent, future challenges will build on previous ones and help drive home those lessons. More importantly, when you finish the section, you will work on projects that actually use what you’ve learned. As you are working on something later on, you may not remember how to do something from an earlier lesson. Then you can quickly jump back to the lesson where it was covered (or you could google it to refresh your memory).

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I see, thank you ieahleen, alkapwn3d and Ariel. I’m very grateful for your kind and honest comments and help.

I’ll gladly follow your advice :slight_smile:

Happy 2020 for all of you!

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