How To Remember What I'm Learning On FCC

Hi i’m currently going through the FCC curriculum for the responsive web design certification however i having a hard time actually remembering what i’m learning. After a day or two i forget stuff either in html css or js and its frustrating me as i feel like i’m actually not learning. Can anyone give me any tips on what i can do to improve or learn code properly. Any tips or feedback is much appreciated.

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I use Anki. Its a free spaced repetition software, so it’ll re-introduce flash cards to you after several days so you never forget what you learned.

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@ORCOde I try to go through the curriculum slowly, maybe no more than 10 challenges per day, sometimes only one or two per day. I’ll read more about the info in those challenges on other sites, MDN, Stack Overflow, other tutorials, etc… so I can get a well-rounded understanding. I’ll watch videos sometimes too. I also keep notes on things I think will be important to remember and save solutions to challenges that challenged me or were complex.

Even though I do this, I often find myself referring back to pervious challenges and other reference materials to refresh my memory as needed.


Definitely take down notes. You can go fast through challenges, that’s not a problem. But, it is very convenient to have your notes near you when you need to refresh your memory. You don’t need to push yourself to memorize all the syntax. By doing challenges and working on projects later on, you will memorize the syntax along the way. As soon as you understand what some piece of code does and you’ve it written down in your notebook, you can move on. Try to write as much code as you can. Even when you are doing some tutorial walk through, don’t copy paste that code, but type it. Doing this way all that syntax will eventually come natural for you… At least this has worked for me… Keep coding and have fun :smiley:


Great suggestions people.:+1::clap:

i have the same problem, i cant seem to remember stuff after a day or so… im not sure how i can learn stuff and remember things

Use the things you learn - and learn to search things in the documentation (for example here )

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I was having this problem too. Thank you people, your discussion helped me a lot.

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