Hello Coders need advice

I am new to coding and following the FCC cirriculum. I finished the Responsive Web Design Certification two months ago and currently studying Javascript. I have been learning for quite long but I realised I keep forgetting what I learnt. This makes me to redo the challenges with little progress. Any advice please

A few ideas but no advice, as I’m no expert.

  1. If you have to repeat, do it, but sometimes a little notebook of 1 / 2 concepts you learnt today, is all you need tomorrow.
  2. Code with someone else.
  3. Sometimes you learn a tool that gives you some flexibility. For example, learn the browser developer tools and you can safely forget about margin, padding, display. You’ll find out from there.
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As to forgetting what you’ve been learning I would recommend to start doing projects. imo this is efficient and you use a lot of what you’ve learned to make those projects.

Also, check out w3schools, they have practice problems and guides to help you remember.

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This is very much something that you learn through experience. This is one of the reasons why you’re better off spending 30 minutes a day practicing than 3 hours once a week. You’ll have to look things up. Over time there will be lots of things that you don’t have to look up anymore, but as a programmer there will always be things that you need to use references for.


I agree with the sentiment that 30 minutes a day is better for learning a skill than 3 hours once a week. Very helpful!


This is how our brain works.

By repeating stuff, your brain thickens the used “neural highways”.
If you don’t repeat stuff, they get weaker.


hi @flamey

you are about the same with me, been learning through fcc and other for 3 months, currently on js now.
i do repeating the curriculum, with some addition from other tutorial or excercise, just to keep remind me and find better solution to what i have learns so far.
and im agreed to what others been said, 30min a day than 3 hours a week.
for beginner like me, it’s also helpfull if i take a look at people simple project code and try understand how the code works.


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