Do NOT Start Something You can NOT Finish

Recently I decided to try and learn to code, LOVE this site. Makes learning so easy and fun, challenging yet helpful.

My downfall is when I stop for a day or two…I tend to forget the 30 lessons I did couple days ago. Picking up where I left off is not so easy. Find myself backtracking to relearn…

Any suggestions? Keep in mind I do work 40+ hours a week so my time is fairly limited but I am really wanting to learn to do this and it actually stick. Make sense?


Hey @namism77!

I think it is totally normal to forget certain concepts that you learned a few days ago. There is a lot of stuff to learn. It is important to remember that you are not looking for complete mastery after all of the lessons just a basic understanding. Once you start working on projects you will be constantly looking things up online and through previous lessons which is normal. It just takes time and practice with building projects for concepts to sink in.

I am also a beginner and I will also go through a section understand it in the moment and then get to a project and have to review some things. This happened to me with the regular expression telephone validator project. I had forgotten what half of those regex symbols were and had to go back and review. Even professional developers use documentation and stackoverflow.

Just keeping going along with the lessons and take your time with the projects and you will start to retain information better with practice.

Hope that helps!


ty, yes it does help. :handshake:

Like learning anything else, a lot of the process involves having to look things up over and over until you don’t have to think about it anymore. Just work on it as often as you can and look up what you have to look up.

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My dude/dudette. Sit down. Relax.
I was doing this stuff some time ago and NOW i will learn it. Why, you ask?
Simple. I am determined to change career and get into web development. I was at college couple of months ago. I am 36, working full time(and as an sys/network admin, it is WAY beyond those 40hrs/week), 2 kids and i was catching myself falling in same traps, over and over. I found good resource to learn, i stick with it couple of weeks, it gets hard and i just kept finding excuse to give up. After few weeks/months, i am back at it, again. Feels like mountain to climb, reading it all again, learning, typing, remembering each word.
It was wrong. Wrong way to learn. I am now on my JS part at FCC and couple of courses.
Stick to one, maybe 2 learning paths and make yourself to commit your time to this on a daily basis. If it gets hard, and it will, keep digging. Right now, i am at arrays in JS part and for me, its not the easiest part, but i am trying to solve those challenges without google. Spending whole day on couple of challenges, but the feeling is great when you solve them, alone. It keeps me to push more. One more thing:do not try to remember every word and concept, its important to get the basic idea behind that. Do not overwhelm yourself. This will be your daily routine, learn to enjoy it.
Hope it helped, best of luck to you my friend.

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Olá @namism77!

One thing that is important to help me remember the concepts of the lessions, is take notes! I usually take my notes in an app called “Notion”, it’s super easy to use and it’s a complete tool too!

There’s nothing wrong with backtracking. If you think about it, any skill requires repetition. Sometimes with online learning, it’s “gamified,” and there’s a great feeling of moving forward, but that’s not essentially how learning works.

TL;DR: it’s normal to not remember things and have to go back, re-do lessons, and/or Google to find the answers.

@namism77 You can just do a little bit every day. It takes time to get the hang of it.
Another thing is to build your own projects that are of interest to you. I work 40+ hours but I still code everyday because it is fun.

You’re not the only one who keeps forgetting stuff; I will suggest practicing more. Learning is a thing, but it doesn’t mean you’re used to it, so keep practicing. Practice will help to remember most of the things.