How much do you do in each challenge?

Hello everyone,

I started FCC few months ago but I had to leave it for a while due personal reasons.
Now I’ve doing some challenges and one question come to my mind.

When a challenge has 25 code lines and what you need to do it’s just modify the background-color from yellow to black. Do you try to replicate the entire challenge by yourself or just made the change and go ahead with the next one?

Some challenges just feels too simple and I don’t want to learn by the easy way but neither waste too much time re-writing instead of learning.

Thanks for your comments. Sorry if I’m not clear enough I’m not an English speaker.

Each challenge has a purpose to teach you something new or practice already discussed concepts. Therefore if you feel like you already know what the challenge teaches you, just solve it and move on. However, you feel like you need to really understand and want to learn how things work yeah go head and replicate the entire challenge and work from scratch.

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Just focus on what the challenge is asking you to do. There is value in typing solutions yourself and I always advocate for this over copypasta, but in the case of the early challenges for FCC there may be surrounding code that you don’t understand yet. Also it’s really easy to typo something, which would cause the tests to fail in unhelpful ways. Once you get through the early introduction to basics, you’ll have to be writing solutions yourself, so don’t worry that it will be too small and easy.

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Thank you for your comment I do really appreciate it. I’ll continue learning each day a bit more.

When starting a new challenge take a look first at the already given code and try to understand what is doing before jumping to write the solution.

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