Problems with solving projects

hello developers when i’m trying to solve any fcc challenge it could be so hard and i’m stuck on it for days but i 'm always make a lot of research then i found someone solve the same challenge so i could see his solution and it help me a lot on solving my challenge does this process OK for my learning journey or i shouldn’t do this at all plz any one face something like this give me your experience about it.

I could be wrong since I am not that experienced, just another learners perspective. I have been going strong for about a month and a half at least 2 - 3 hours a day. The site usually suggest the read, search, ask approach. I was told by a front end developer who watched me work on the FCC challenges that “It is ok to watch tutorials and look at examples. Just don’t copy them. Make sure you can write your own code and understand the solution before moving on.”

Code 360 on you-tube for example, has some awesome help for beginners. But some of the suggestions covered there, I am not going to use. I wanted my own style of doing it.

Everyone learns differently though.

Please ask the community for help! Some of the more difficult challenges may take a while, but you’re still actively working on your logic. Other times you may hit a wall. Please don’t spend days hitting your head against it. Whether it’s on the chat or the forum, there are a lot of people ready to help you figure out how to move forward from where you are. There is a learning curve not just on the code itself but also when it comes to both finding and understanding external resources. We’re happy to give you a boost on that whenever you need it.

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thanks for your help and i appreciate your advices