Getting back into it and re learning?

Hi everyone,

Need some advice about getting back into coding and re learning up to where I left off?

Last December (2016) I was all the way at the Advanced Algorithm and Front End Projects portion of FCC. Rattled my brain on the pomodoro clock and was slowly but surely working through the advanced challenges.

I had some major life events and life changes in December and basically as a result, got totally out of the routine and stopped coding. My schedule, work, and personal life changed dramatically and I fell off of coding.

Now that things are a bit more stable, I want to get back into it. I won’t have nearly as much time as I previously did (i used to be able to throw 5 or more hours into it a day) but I want to get back into it.

I want thinking about resetting my FCC account and starting back at the basic front end projects and algorithms and working my way back up, sort of as a refresher. Where I left off is too hard right now since I forgot a lot but It should come back pretty quick I hope.

Any ideas or insights?

Why not start with the beta stuff?

Some of it near the early parts is similar to what you learned, so it will be a nice refresher…

When you feel you are up to speed switch over to the main one (or maybe by that time the beta will be the live one)

Edit: here’s what you need to know about the beta… a great summary by @ArielLeslie


How about you go back and just redo the projects? As you work on them, you’ll probably gradually recall all the practical things you’ve forgotten.

The web is actually not short of algorithmic challenges. HackerRanks, CodeWars, CodingGame, if you need a refresher or practice. There is no need to redo challenges you’ve done, you can brush up by solving new problems the important part for those challenges are critical thinking and application

I would agree with psychometry, going back over the initial stuff (no need to reset your account) would be a good refresher. I think the important thing with coding is to write lots of code, even if it is very basic to start with. For me at least that is what really helps me to understand and remember. I’m also working through some Python stuff alongside FCC. I’ve used it at work off and on for a few years, but I started at the beginning and worked through the basics to get back in the groove.

Man this has been the best advice! Basically I restarted on the BETA version. Love how its broken up into sections. Basically blew through the basic JavaScript section for review. It says it takes roughly 10 hours but I did it all in about 1 - 2 since its not new for me, but served as an amazing refresher. Just needed to see it all again. Going to keep going through JavaScript and all the algorithms to get into the flow. Pretty sure I’ll be able to get back to where I was really quickly. Also bouncing back and forth with other sections to brush up while I continue through JavaScript.

Thanks for your suggestions!