Where to start after a long brake ? How?

Hi friends,
my short story goes like this, found about FCC, was really hyped !
Coded every day at least 3 hours after a job. Then Christmas came ,and i went to visit my family, then new years, than depression for a few weeks…now i would like to continue, i am currently at TWITCH API, but i feel like i forgot a bunch , and i feel really lost… i tried to follow P1xt quide, and started to read YDKJS , but books are dry and i don’t feel i am at that level of understanding.
i feel like i’ve missed good opportunity , and would like to go back at feeling hyped and being happy when i learn to code…

ty friends, and sorry for my english…

I myself had to to go back to the beginning twice and repeat all the challenges for Jquery and Bootstrap and then review some project I already finished… If you forgot a bunch of still it’s ok to go back and review the challenges… Any particular area you are stuck on??

“Repetition is the mother of all learning” as the saying goes – if you’re feeling like you’ve got blindspots or things just aren’t clear for you, revisit them. Make simple pages/tests/projects and take notes of what you expect versus what actually happens.

Also, this may be less task-oriented advice and more ethic-oriented, but: be careful not to confuse motivation with discipline. You may have started out feeling really excited about learning to code and making lots of progress on the FCC challenges, but if your goal is to return to those feelings of excitement and hype around coding, you’re going to burn out very quickly. If you have a passion for coding, that’s great! Dig into it and keep going.

Regardless of passion, you need to set specific goals for yourself with consequences for failure and rewards for success. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself another six weeks down the road with almost nothing gained from where you are now.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

3 weeks is like a recovery time for your brain to reconcile what you have learned. I had been out of it for 7 years thinking that I would never get a job coding. But that was because I had a extreme standard for myself thinking that I can conquer the world with codes lol.

When you feel down, just start doing it and you will get the rythum back. I always encorage people to do hard projects to reinforce what they learned.

If you have time, program something. I am currently doing another project on the side along with FCC stuff. Gonna attempt to finish the remainder of the front end stuff by the end of next month.

I want to thank you all for the help. Once again this proves helpfull comunity. I will take a week or few to repeat the things i forgot and then continue with my old plan.
Thank you friends.

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