Haven't learnt for ages

Haven’t been leaning recently and feel as if i need to start it all again cant get back i to it now

I am on the same boat. I found new motivation and priorities. But I still try to learn something new about code everyday. I don’t expect to be pro programmer, but eventually I’ll accumulate enough to know the ins and outs. :3

If you want to get back to coding you have to start practicing, from small parts of codes to bigger ones. Make sure you remember all the rules in order to prevent yourself from errors.
If you have troubles doing that you can try a code security program, I tent to use checkmarx and it’s pretty good.
Good luck!

I know that feel REALLY good ! I was on and off bunch of times, learning from all different sources but one thing for sure, FCC was the only thing that kept me for a long time. I’ve took big break ( cca 40 days) around December last year and it was really hard to go back on the track . But take one or two weeks to repeat all the things you need,you will be ready to continue. It is hard to be self disciplined but you are not alone. Go make yourself a plan for next three days. After that do it for a week and i think you will be back on track in no time …you will be surprised when you see how many things you know and you thought you have forgot them