Going back to coding after 6 months of inacitivity

hi there,

6 months ago I decided to learn web development, I joined freecodecamp and started doing the challenges and the projects, I also started reading a few introductory books, it was never frustrating to me, I really enjoyed every single moment coding, reading and searching through hundreds of pages. I reached the advanced algorithm scripting stage in the front end development certification course in 2 months, after that, a few bad things happened in my life, I stopped coding, not because I hated it, but because I went through difficult life conditions, today i finally managed to sort everything out, and i’d like to continue learning, problem is … i didn’t write or read a single line of code in 6 months, i don’t know what to do now, should i re-do the front end course? or should i just read through my old code? i hardly remember anything beside the main concepts, i can still however undrstand a decent amount of my old JS scripts, i’d really appreciate any help at this point.

thanks a lot for your time.

  1. It’s “learn by doing,” and the best way will also be to “relearn by doing.” By the time you get to a project and dive into it you’ll find out just which html, css, and js you don’t remember and wind up looking them up.
  2. But sure, it might be nice to have some kind of crash course. Maybe hit youtube for one of these videos that purports to cover JS in one video, be it 12 minutes or 1.5 hours, turn the video speed to 2x, and watch through it. Any time something whizzes by you that makes you think “Wait, I didn’t understand that,” write down the method or concept and then look it up in MDN afterward.
  3. I strongly encourage taking advantage of all the peer support structures this community has to offer, if you don’t want to wind up stopping again. Including, probably new since the last time you were here, informal “cohorts.”
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I can’t thank you enough for the reply