Does redoing a section affect my checkmarked progress?

If I complete the curriculum section on CSS flexbox and later realize I remember next to nothing, can I redo the exercises without affecting other sections that I completed?
I am working on my product landing page and realizing that even though all my tests are passing, I don’t remember anything at all about the CSS flexbox section of the curriculum that I completed. I used the internet to get a flexbox container working for my product landing page. I’m also thinking about doing a retread from the start but thinking it might be better to first complete the last two projects for my Responsive Web Design Certification first and then start all over.

Yes, you can revisit any sections you want without affecting your progress. I do it all the time for the same reason. :slight_smile: If you want to keep example solutions for future reference, you can try putting them in a coding journal or in codepens!

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Revisiting the challenge where a concept was introduced is very useful. My unsolicited opinion is not to redo a whole section of the curriculum from beginning to end. It has a tendency to become a sneaky procrastination method, like wearing water-wings to “build up your swimming muscles” and never actually trying to swim. I am of the belief that it’s best to be trying always be a bit over your head. The old exercises will always be there when you need to grab the wall.