Returning to FCC.. do I have to start over

Hello FCC,

I’m returning to FCC after some time and while I had completed what were capstone projects at that time (email form, product landing page, etc). I do not know if or how I can apply that towards the current curriculum or a certificate? Can you point me in the right direction? Do I just need to start again?


did you get certificate? if yes, you dont have to start over, if no, it would be best to start over. if you got certificate, do what I did, solve some of new css/html projects.

well, actually, I do that along the way, by helping others, but you get the point.

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No I did not get a certificate. This was around 2020. I think this was either before they had them or just at the beginning. I guess I’ll begin at the beginning.

So the certification projects didn’t change with the latest updates to the Responsive web design curriculum. How you submit them did change.

In the previous version, you built out the 5 certification projects on something like codepen or built it out locally and deployed the site somewhere. Then you submitted the URL for the site to freeCodeCamp.

With this updated version, you will now need to add your code to the fcc editor and then click on the submit button to submit the project

But if it has been a few years since you coded something, then it would be good to brush up on the basic concepts again.

hope that helps


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