Do I need to redo projects?

I first started FCC in 2017 and completed the first two web design projects: the tribute page and the portfolio.

I’m back at it again and there are many more lessons than before and new design projects. I’ve decided to start from the beginning again as a review, but I’m wondering if I should redo the design projects since the portfolio is now the final one and I’ll be learning some new things since then.

I’m wondering if I should redo them. If I redo these two projects, should I fork my original projects in CodePen as revisions/updates? Should I redo the projects altogether? I don’t know if any of this makes a difference for the certification.

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I advice you to fork the provided code pen with the test suite, or anyway add the test suite to your code

If you fork the pen with the test suit you can copy your code in there

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I think that is up to you, If you have gained new skills and you feel that you would have done things different with a project, then yes. I would not get rid of the original though. Having a newer version to compare to would serve as a good metric for progress made.

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I’ve restarted the curriculum from the beginning and when I started everything was Bootstrap-based but now it uses both Flexbox (still bootstrappy kinda) and CSS grid. So I think I will do new projects, but I’ll still save the original two projects in CodePen.