Question about whether previous projects were saved

I’ve been going through the Responsive Web Design Projects, and when I got to " Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage", I realized I would need links to the previous projects I’d competed.

When I started these projects,

  1. I had all of the settings in my personal portfolio on FCC set to “private” - not sure if that’s an issue, but I’ve set the necessary settings to “public” now.

  2. I didn’t create an account on the Codepen website, just used the fork available in the link at the end of the project page and submitted once I’d passed the tests. I’ve looked through my FCC account and can’t find links to anything there, so will I need to redo all of the projects in my Codepen account to save them for future linking for this final challenge?

If so, how to I reset my progress on the “Responsive Web Design Projects” course so I can start over?


As a quick question - under the Certification settings of your FCC account, do you see the “Show Solution” button for the projects you have submitted? If so, does that link take you to your project?

Yes, there are “show solution” buttons next to the top four of them, but the links take me to the same link that’s at the bottom of the challenge page, where it says " You can build your project by forking this CodePen pen."

None of my code appears there, so I’m guessing I need to start again.

if you didn’t create an account it is highly probable your projects were never saved, and if you never forked the given page you were just submitting the blank pen with just the pens

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Yes, as @ieahleen mentioned, it sounds as though you were editing the FCC Test Suite pen - as such, unfortunately your changes were not saved and the link you submitted will only take you back to that Test Suite pen.

Yes, I understand that now. So should I redo the challenges and then resubmit the code saved on my Codepen account, even though I passed the tests?

That’s not a problem, as I could use the practice, and i didn’t put a lot of thought into the pages, so they could’ve used some cleanup.

if your projects are ever checked, you never submitted them, your certificate could be revocked

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Well I don’t have any certificates yet, that’s why I’m asking what to do.

To reiterate, should I redo the challenges and then resubmit the code via the link saved on my Codepen account, even though I passed the tests?

yes, you should submit working projects with all tests passing

instead you submitted a pen that contains the test suite and nothing else

Great, thank you for the help! I’ll have to start these again…

I know it can be frustrating to lose your hard work in a situation like this. I am sorry this has happened to you. :confused:

If it helps, I look at things like this as an opportunity to solidify my learning and strengthen my skills. :slightly_smiling_face:

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