Issue with my work I sent in

I was going through to check my certification in responsive web design and I noticed that when you open up all my projects I submitted they come back as blank can i reupload them or put new ones up? I want to be able to show off what I’ve done even though its not much.

Yes, you can resubmit your projects.

Can you show us the URL that you submitted?

If using codepen, ensure that you are logged into your codepen account when you fork FCC’s codepen pen.
You cannot just click on FCC’s codepen pen and edit it. Since it’s not your pen you’ll notice there is no ‘save’ button.

hey, yes I didn’t realize I needed to log in I was just doing them in the link provided, to resubmit do I just go back to the corresponding curriculum pages and log into code pen and save and share that URL?

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If you have not saved your work before, you may need to do the projects again

once you are logged in you can fork the boilerplate from the fork button in the bottom right corner

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yeah I’m currently redoing the projects now. its not too big of a deal and my mistake. once I hit fork it just says project forked is there anything else I need to do?

now the pen sbould be saved in your own codepen account, so it is saved, and once you are done you can submit it

you can also post your projects in the #project-feedback subforum for suggestions and advices on how to make them better

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okay thank you so much i just wanted to make sure i actually have everything

The forked project will be empty except for FCC’s test script in the HTML editor.
You’ll see your codepen UID in the URL.
All you need do it enter in your HTML and CSS code, save it. Ensure all the user stories pass and then submit the project.

And as mentioned, if you’d like feedback post your project to the subforum.