Web projects help question

I have a quick and simple question. Is there any way I can complete the responsive web design projects in my own text editor (VS Code) but still submit them for testing?

I dont know what a CDN link is so that part confused me.
I guess I could copy and paste the html and css from my editor to the forked codepen and submit?

Any help is appreciated!


The requirements are that there is a live version of the project and that the code is viewable. CodePen is one of the easiest ways to do that, but feel free to use other services.

copy and pasting my code from my editor to code pen would work though yes?


one final question. are you actually a bot?


well played. sorry one more question. how do i get a clean codepen page for my work? I cant seem to move the script from the page below. here is picture of what im talking about


You can create a new pen from scratch:

You can fork the starter project fresh.

You can just delete the parts of the pen that you don’t like.

So the script is just a help-along-the-way sort of thing? It doesn’t actually have to be part of the code to complete the end evaluation?

You can remove it at the end if you like. I recommend using the test framework while you are working on the project, because that sort of thing is going to be part of life as a programmer. Right now campers are on an honor-system and there is no validation done by FCC (unless a report of plagiarism is made). I believe that there is a plan to actually include testing as part of the FCC acceptance process, but that is not something you have to worry about right now.

Thanks for the help Ariel i understand completely now!


Glad I could help. Happy coding!