Codepen Errors!

In the responsive web design projects it says" You can build your project by forking this CodePen pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like:", do not use the option that tells you to fork the code, I submitted 2 projects (they still got accepted despite this error), with all the user stories completed, and when I closed the tab that I had written the code, it was all gone. I lost all my progress even while refreshing, this is so annoying.

You were supposed to fork that pen (which just creates a new pen and copy paste everything from this pen to it ) and then edit it and keep saving it as you make the progress. I would suggest you to not use codepen to make your projects make it on your computer using any IDE like Visual Studio Code only when you have completed the project you should use codepen to make a new pen copy paste everything you made onto this pen, save it, and then submit the link. This project template is only there for you to use the test suite which you can use without forking that pen just write this <script src=""></script> in the end just right before you close the body tag in your html file.

Well it will accept any link that you give to it freeCodeCamp Certificates are based on academic honesty it will accept any link that you provide but you should not give false links by doing so you violate the academic honesty policy of freeCodeCamp. If you have submitted false link by accident you can change it.


Thank You! I don’t what else to use other than codepen really. It’s what they recommended. I don’t have much knowledge on this.

codepen works fine if you make sure to save the pens you are working in to your account

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