Links in "Projects" section of cert are empty. (Resp. design)

Hi! I just got my Certification for Responsive Web Design, but when I’m trying to look at the Projects section and clicking the links with “Solution” an empty Codepen page is opened. Can I somehow change this link to my actual projects or it can’t be changed?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome, Vahe_aa.

Looking at the projects you have submitted, the links point to the freeCodeCamp CodePen boilerplate. You are not able to save any edits to this code. You were supposed to fork this boilerplate (template), and work off of your own CodePen Pen.

Many Campers have made this mistake, and this is something which should no longer be possible to do (once in production).

You are able to resubmit your code, if you can find it. Be sure to save your code within your own CodePen account, and not just edit the boilerplate.

Hopefully, you still have access to your work :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the response! I’ll try to resubmit projects with my own pen links. How long the links change will take in this case? If I got it right, they will change when I resubmit tasks with new pens.

It should be almost instant. A hard-refresh of the browser page might be necessary, in order to clear out any browser cache associated with your user-data.