Survey form project4

please i urgently need help? i am scored 5/17 in this project what could be wrong. this is my link:

This link takes us to FCC Test Suite Template its empty. Provide a link for your pen not for this template.

Thanks, but please where do i find my pen because i clicked on the codpen and it opened fcc test suite and that is where i did my project. Please kindly direct my on how to go about this.

I assume that you already have an account on CodePen, If so then all your pens should be under Your Work section

But if you can’t find it there that means that it was not saved or maybe you just edited the FCC Test Suite Template pen it was not meant to be edited directly you had to fork that pen and then edit it and save it. To fork a pen you have click on fork option which is present at the bottom right of the page
Forking a pen is basically like copy and pasting. So now you have a copy of this pen now you can edit it and save it and it will always to there in the Your Work section of CodePen.
I hope that helps.

Thanks alot, i will try it out.

I only have an account under freecodecamp, so you mean i should open another account under codepen? If so how do i go about it please.

Thanks, i just created an acc. In codepen but i also asked to create a pen, please,its a pen different from my project? If yes , please how do i create one and what’s its function. Thanks you been of great help to me.

A pen is just a Web Page that you can make on CodePen and share its link with others and it makes it easy for others to see your code (HTML,CSS & JS) to give you feedback and suggestions that is the reason you are advised to make a pen for all of your freeCodeCamp projects so that we can see how you have made it and what can you improve. But it’s not compulsory that you make all your projects on CodePen you can make all your projects on your computer using a more friendly IDE like Visual Studio Code. When you have completed making your project you can make a new pen on CodePen and copy paste all of your HTML & CSS from your project to this pen’s HTML & CSS editor then save this pen and share a link to it in the forum to get feedback on it and when you think its completed you can submit it on freeCodeCamp project challenge page.
I Hope that helps.
If you have any further questions feel free to ask more.

Greatly, thanks very much.

Good day sir, please how do i save my completed project on FCC test suite so that i don’t lose it when i shutdown. Though i have already submitted the link but won’t the work be lost without saving when i shutdown or will freecodecamp find it .

Have you saved it on CodePen ? If you have saved it, it will always be saved and you don’t need to update summited codepen link on FCC as the link to a pen will stay the same even if you edit that pen make some changes and save it again the link will remain the same so you don’t have to resubmit it on FCC. In order for me to confirm that link to that pen is correct can you share here the link to that pen which you have submitted to FCC?

I have but that is not the link i submitted to freecodecamp for them to assess my work.

Then what link did you submit ?

I can’t access the link becos i am not having my comp with me now but its the URL of the FCC test suite Where did the project that i submitted.

So you did your project on the pen that fcc provided ? The test suite template ?

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You can’t save a project if you did it by editing the Test Suite Template you can only save a project if you fork that template and then edit it to make your project. That original Test Suite Template belongs to FCC you can edit it to see changes but it can’t be saved as making changes to it is only permitted to FCC so that is the reason you have to FORK it which means copying the pen when you Fork (copy) it and then it becomes your pen you can make changes to it and save it. Then you have to submit the link to this pen that you just saved to FCC challenge.

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Its the link (URL) of the FCC test suite that i submitted. I actually did the project in the pen i created and copied it to the FCC test suite. The test scored 10/10 before i submitted.

You don’t need to do that to test your project you can put this line

<script src=""></script>

in the end just before you close the body tag in your html to use the test suite.
Then you can just submit link to your pen to FCC.

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The script scr was at the top above my work.

Well function wise it doesn’t matter if its on top or bottom it will work. But its a good practice to put that at bottom because if the script is huge it will take time to get loaded and when it is on the top of html nothing else will get loaded up before the script so it will look like the site is taking too long but when it is on the bottom the whole html page will get loaded up and will be displayed and then the script will get loaded. So performance wise its better if the script is at bottom.

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