Code Pen Glitch?

I submitted my first project -The Tribute Page after forking it to Code Pen. I’m not familiar with Code Pen but I thought the forking option would be best. I passed all the tests. I copied the editor link and submitted to pass the challenge but today now when I logged in it says that nothing was submitted. So I’ve pasted in a URL that may be the editor link. All my work is gone but I hoped that the link would still have the information required to show I passed all ten user stories. The URL I pasted may have been saved in my cache. Hope I’ve not lost everything because I won’t do it twice. Help!

Hi Natoh,
Welcome to the fcc forum!

The Codepen-link does not contain information on whether your project passes the tests.

What do you mean by “all your work is gone”? Have you saved your Codepen (or saved your project somewhere else)? Are the ticks next to your exercises still there?

Consider learning to code a mountain to be climbed and the tribute page would be like sweating a little while getting to the foothill. :wink: This is a long journey and frustrations and accidents are part of it. Don’t let that stop you!

If you head to the codepen homepage, it should show your recent pens.

Screenshot of what I see. That tribute page, however, is a much earlier version. I’m going to delete that one. I forked it on the 2nd attempt and ran the tests and they showed 10/10 passed. I thought by forking the test results I was running were maybe passed to Freecodecamp, but I also copied the URL link in codepen window and submitted that to pass the test. It looks like unfortunately everything has been lost. I think Codepen was frozen the whole time as nothing apparently saved :frowning:

I’m sorry about that annoying experience. Maybe you could just continue with the other projects for now and come back to this one later. I am sure you would find it a lot easier then.