Submitted Product Landing page by mistake, please help!

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I’ve submitted this challenge by mistake (clicked twice the survey form as I thought it wasn’t submitted, and turned out I also submitted the next challenge which is this one). Now I can’t fork it in order to complete it.
Please help what I can do now!

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You can always re-submit projects so don’t worry about that. Are you in the editing view when you try to fork the project?

I can’t edit anything - the Fork button is not working as it thinks I already did the project (submitted it), it doesn’t allow to fork the second time.

Ok I’ve managed to work it out! Found out I could open it in code editor first, and then it let me fork from there.

Not really - still not working - I’ve removed all the code but the page is still there, didn’t disappear after removing the code. So, it wasn’t really forked, I still can’t create my project. Is there a true workaround available, how would I do this project now??

After you erased all the code from the editor, where is the page still? The output pane on the bottom doesn’t change?

Edited because I must sign off for tonight:

Worst case scenario, you could always just copy/paste all the code you had into a new pen, fix it up the way you want, and then go back to the challenge page and use the url of the new pen, which will overwrite your old submission. But I’m not even sure if they’re saved anywhere or if FCC just checks it to tell you you passed…

CodePen isn’t connected to FCC and whether you have submitted a project does not impact your ability to fork a CodePen project.

Well, after I deleted all the code (still seeing all the output below unaffected!) I noticed a new button appeared next to Save which says ‘Run’ (with a circled arrow, as the same for reloading page). After I clicked ‘Run’, all the output disappeared. I could write the code, but nothing came as an output until I clicked ‘Run’ button, so every time I have to do this for the code to appear below. I believe this is not not the way it should work.

To ArielLeslie: I don’t know whether CodePen is connected to FCC or not, but the fact is after clicking to submit this project (by mistake), the Fork button is no longer working for me.

Under “Settings” and “Behavior”, there is an option called “Auto-Update Preview”.

As for the fork button, I don’t know.