Cannot save or fork my project

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I cannot find the button to save my project so all my work was gone. There used to a ‘save’ button but I do not see it anymore. Please tell me what is going on.

Thank you.

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this is the FreeCodeCamp pen
you need to fork it and save the pen in your account. Only for your own pens you have a save button.

I asked the same question before but I still cannot see the button to save or fork my project. There used to be one but it disappeared.

Can anyone help me with it?

please do not create duplicate topics and if ou still have questions answer to your original thread

are you logged in? if you are not ogged in you can’t fork nor save pens.

also, browsing your post history I found this pen, is it yours?

yes I am logged in. Your link has the save button but when I open the link from the project page, I cannot find the link

you can’t save it, as that pen doesn’t belong to your profile, but you can use the fork button to copy it to your profile and then you can save the new created pen

Sorry I did not get it… I opened that from the project page and I am already logged in

and I do not even see fork button

the pen with the test suite linked in the project description doesn’t belong to you so you can’t save it.
You can copy it using the “Fork” button to create a pen that belongs to you in which you can code and save your code

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