Saving Forked Projects

I’ve been building my FCC projects via the CodePen forking link on each project page. While I’ve been able to complete/link back to four successful projects, I don’t seem to have the option to save the projects in CodePen while working inside the fork link. I am signed in to CodePen when I click the fork link.

How can I save my FCC projects?

you need to fork that pen to your account to be able to save your progress, to do that there is a Fork button in the bottom right corner - that will copy the pen to your account and make so you can save your projects. If you have never done that it’s highly probable you never saved any of your projects

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Thank you. Yes, most of my projects are missing from my CodePen account. That’s what I asked. :sweat_smile:

So I need to fork the fork? I’ll give it a shot. Thanks again.

the provided pen is not a fork, it’s called “Fork Me” and it’s given with instructions “you can fork this pen”

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