OMG someone plz help

I started my tribute page and everything was going well. I was on User story 5 and my html got an error so i reloaded the page it said some items might be lost i figured no problem i have the box checked that it saves every 30 sec on its own i also joined codepen i refresh and its all gone back to the original page with instruction how do i save? I dont see a save button anywhere accept the one that says it saves every thirty seconds… Thank you.

first, make sure you have a codepen account

second, you can create a copy of the pen with the test suite using the fork button in the bottom right corner. Once you have forked the pen, it’s now yours and safe in your account, and it will be saved

Wow i cant believe it wasnt saving yes when i clicked fork next to the heart a save button showed up. i thought being logged in and having save every 30 sec checked would have been enough this sucks. What does fork mean?

when you fork a pen, you are taking a pen belonging to someone else, and copying it to your account so you can work on it and save the changes you make