Help! I submitted it but lost tribute page

I passed it, but lost it -now I can’t get it back!

Any one give me advice?


Didn’t you use codepen?

What did you lose? The URL to your tribute page? The code?
Where was it that you think you’ve lost it?

If the live version that you submitted was on codepen and you accidently deleted the pen you can still get it back.

Yes, I did. Once I finished it I submitted it and passed. Then I shared the link to Facebook. Followed the instructions back and was confronted with a blank codepen dashboard.

Everything. Just confronted with a blank dashboard. Tried history nothing. Oddly enough, once I submitted it at 4pm today and then went back to check my history but there is nothing stored at that time and the last recorded history was at 5:30pm!

did you fork the given pen to save the pen to your codepen account?

if you did not save the pen, I’m afraid submitted an empty pen

I clicked on the codepen link from the challenge page and was taken to the fork page on codepen. It had a familiar message that had the script message and the campers message.
when I finished, I copied and pasted the link into the box at the bottom of the challenge page. It flashed up I had passed - You know the big tick in the circle.

Were you signed into codepen when you forked the pen?

Will you please provide the link you shared to FB

As an aside, there is no pass/fail. The message just says that it was successfully submitted. You have to use the test script to ensure that all tests pass.
If you’d like a review you can ask for that on the #project-feedback subforum

I was signed in and I can’t get the link from FB. I tried that and and it just redirects back to codepen again showing an empty dashboard. It did pass - I ran the 10 tests and passed all of them. I just wanted to keep it so I could build on it in my own time and on another platform. Nevermind it’s gone. But thank you all for your help.

you needed to fork (copy) that pen to your codepen account so you could save your work. if you haven’t I’m sorry to say you have lost your project, and you have submitted an empty pen, not your project

Okay, I can see what you posted on FB. That is the FCC pen. It is not your so you cannot edit it or save anything to it. That is the one that you have to fork.

Thank you for your help. It’s gone.


Do you understand now how to fork the pen?

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Thank you.
I did it again, this time I clicked fork before even starting and I saved like mad. Passed all 10 tests. It’s a simple tribute page, but I hope to build on it. I will post in feedback. Fortunately, I was able to remember what I did the first time.
I am usually mad about saving (I have OCD) and thinking back I don’t remember the save button the first time.

Anyway, all sorted. Thanks everyone for your help! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m sorry that you had to go through that, but kudos for rolling with it and building your project again. Happy coding!

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@ArielLeslie , thank you. Onwards and upwards! :cowboy_hat_face: